[Dixielandjazz] Northwest DixieFest Relocation - August 16-18

Kit W. Johnson Kit W. Johnson" <kit@bscjb.com
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 10:37:48 -0700

Attached is a message I received a few days ago from Diane Cottingham
relating to the 5th NorthWest DixieFest.  She has had the unenviable
position of having to replace her festival venue within a month of the
event, and has successfully managed to do so.  The primary task is to let
everyone know of the new location.  I appreciate the members of the DJML
passing the word and hope that you can join Black Swan and a host of other
great bands this coming weekend in Tacoma.  Read on and thanks! Kit Johnson

Hotel closes door in front of festival!!

New digs for 5th NorthWest DixieFest!
The show must go on & WILL! article from American Rag,

Ask Diane Cottingham, Festival Director for 5th NorthWest DixieFest how it
feels to be hit with a BOMB -- and she will be able to tell you.  Just 30
days prior to opening day of the festival, she was told that the host hotel,
Best Western Executive Inn, Fife (south of Seattle) would be closing their
doors on July 31, 2002.  The 5th NWDF has been scheduled there for Aug 16,
17, 18, 2002 since the close of last year's festival!  The hotel will go
into receivership and be closed for four to six months.

The tenacious event planner says --- 'the show must go on' and has just suc-
cessfully found a beautiful new home for her festival.  It was a
'meant-to-be'.  To find a suitable facility at this late date, as you can
imagine, would be a challenge royal --- actually more like an impossibil-
ity.  Well, hold on to your socks -- this is going to be very SPECIAL!!  The
Masonic Temple of Tacoma first opened its doors in 1926 -- one of the
grandest buildings of its time.  An impressive revitalization occurred in
the 90's to make it even more elegant and now graces Tacoma with ten
ballrooms and is known as the Landmark Convention Center.  The festival
promises to be even more wonderful than past years.  The dancers will love
it -- the floors are built in (No lay-downs).  The listeners will love it
too --  the acoustics are the BEST!

There will be a Jaza Brunch on Sat morning ($12.95), a Jazz Buffet Dinner
Sat evening ($12.00) both in the wonder- ful Roof Garden Ballroom and Ice
Cream Social on Sun afternoon ($5.00), in the Plaza Grand Ballroom where you
will attend the Gospel w/Marilyn Keller and also be able to pay a visit to
Jan Scobey.  Our third venue will be the Gothic Ball- room.  Sandwiches will
be available for sale and full bar service is offered.  You'll be impressed
with the gleaming, highly polished wood and the beautiful marble throughout
the building.  This is class!

The terrific Northwest bands appearing will be:  Ain't No Heaven 7, Jim
Beatty JB with Jim's favorite sidekick, Pete Pepke, Black  Swan Classic JB
with marvelous Marilyn Keller, CanUS with original member, Joey Smith on
bass and harmonizing vocals.  Duwamish with Carol Johnston on washboard, a
new favorite on the NorthWest Festival circuit, Prohibition JB, and
long-awaited re-union of the great Rainier JB and yes, Ron Rustad will sing!
5th NorthWest DixieFest will introduce Joy Spring and her trio 'Puttin' on
the Ritz'.  There will be a very special SPECIAL == RAGTIME RAZZO on
Saturday featuring the super talented Scott Kirby on the piano who has
recently settled in Idaho, moving north from New Orleans.  The Ragtime Razzo
will also feature the Evergreen Ragtime Trio (all famous Evergreen Classic
JB), Toni Blod- gett, John Bennett and Dan Grinstad.

The northwest has so many talented musicians -- this is YOUR opportunity to
say thank you by your attendance.  Come to the 5th NorthWest DixieFest and
let Diane Cottingham know her efforts to preserve 'our kind of music' are
worth the recent frustrations she has had!!

For any further information regarding this festival, and for a hotel list,
please check with Diane at 800-348-5800.

You will probably all read above in your next copy of American Rag, but I
wanted to forward it to you NOW so you can make your plan to attend & will
know NOT to go to Fife (Feefee)!

Yes, it is a sad tale of woe, but I have now 'surfaced' & am really excited
about the Landmark for my new location.  This building is so beautiful & to
find that they had the space I needed was an unbelievable dream come true (a
real meant-to- be!).  It is the most gracious, historic building you will
have been in in a long time -- built when our music was just be- coming
popular.  It just goes hand in hand so well & Tacoma has been very active in
support to me and concerned for the festival.  The Landmark is made for our
group with it's beautiful dancefloors -- one is over 1500 sq ft.....

Tell at least one friend about this move.  My biggest concern is to get the
word out to everyone who just planned to arrive at the door & purchase a
badge that day!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR --- Let's make this a super success & I know you will
agree, the NorthWest DixieFest has found its true home!

Call me for a new brochure or more information.  Thanks for your support.

Take care and ..... Keep JAZZ-N,     Diane 800-348-5800     please visit