[Dixielandjazz] New Traditional Jazz Band

Donald Farwell farwell@erols.com
Sun, 11 Aug 2002 09:05:30 -0400

Leo Michels wrote:
 >The New Traditional Jazz Band performed at the Bix Festival in Davenport, 
 >in 1999.  I greatly enjoyed their sets but have heard nothing of them 
 >Anyone out there aware of where they are or if they are still active?

The New Traditional Jazz Band is one of the most interesting bands around, 
and it's still active, appearing about every two months at the Ice House in 
Herndon, VA. It has unusual instrumentation, in that the front line is made 
up of cornet/fluegelhorn and two reeds and there is no drummer. Co-leader 
Jack Moser plays clarinet, soprano sax, and baritone sax. The other reedman 
is Henning Hoehne, who plays clarinet, soprano sax, alto sax, and bass sax. 
This makes for some very interesting sounds. Co-leader Chris Harris, banjo 
and vocals; Gifford Blaylock, tuba; and Mark Kotishion, piano and vocals 
complete the band.
	The band has problems getting together because Chris and Jack live in Blue 
Hill, Maine, David Jellema (cornet) lives in Tennessee, and the others live 
in Maryland. Why this band doesn't get more festival work is a mystery. It 
is a wonderful band, and it has been very well received wherever it has 
played, but it doesn't get to play at festivals all that often. Pity, 
because it has a sound like no other traditional band. The closest I know 
of is the Paramount Jazz Band of Boston, which also is no longer all that 
active. Jack Moser is an excellent arranger, and all the band members are 
top-notch players.
	Talk to your people, Leo. Get the band back to the Bix festival.
		Don Farwell