[Dixielandjazz] Benny Carter at 95 on BBC Radio 3

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Jim said
> Finally, wasn't the Spike Hughes "Negro Orchestra" great? Not just the
> marvellous solos by Hawk , Wayman Carver and 'Red' Allen, but Spike's
> arrangement. What a loss it was when Spike gave up jazz.
Those sessions are wonderful and wel worth obtaining. Interesting that
Carter did not see Hughes as a jazz musician..
Mike Pointon had great fun meeting Benny and making the programmes. As usual
there was a lot that had to be lefty out of the final articles.
Mike is probably the most accomplished radio jazz documentary writer and
presenter around these days. His Bunk & Bill for Radio 2 a few years back
was superb as was Melly on Jelly.
John Petters
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> >My good friend Michael Pointon is presenting a series of programmes on
> >Radio 3 to Mark Benny Carter's 95rh birthday. Lots of interest for
> >on this list. Go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/jazz/jazzfile.shtml and
> >listen on line.
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> It's great stuff! Benny Carter must be:
> 1/ The most underestimated musician in the history of jzz
> 2/ Now that Spiegle Wilcox and Doc Cheatham have gone, the last remaining
> 1920's musician still alive and active (correct me if I'm wrong).
> Yours,
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