[Dixielandjazz] Re: High Society/Little One

Don Mopsick mophandl@landing.com
Thu, 8 Aug 2002 18:17:56 -0500

April wrote:

<<From all of the pictures I have from the set of the
movie, it seems that Pops and the boys kept everyone on cast and crew very
well entertained in between takes (I have no idea how the crew could possibly
concentrate enough to set up for the next shot with such a party going on), >>

We in the JCJB had the opportunity of working with Celeste Holm on the filming of
Still Breathing in 1996. She told us between takes that Louis and the All-Stars did
play constantly on the set of High Society back in 1956. I doubt this could happen
on any movie set today. We were constrained from jamming because of all the tight
scheduling of everything that was going on, the camera work, video shots, blocking,
etc. Plus we were shooting outdoors.