[Dixielandjazz] Beebe's kids and other young folks

Ron Wheeler rwheeler@flex.com
Thu, 8 Aug 2002 18:15:06 +1200

Hello all,

Like Charlie Hooks, I'm taking some time off, but why only take a week when
you can take six?  Shoot, as far out in the briny as I am, it takes the
better part of a week to get anywhere anyhow!  I'll try to stay on the list,
but may get bounced for inactivity somewhere along the way. [gee, you s'pose
there's a song title hiding there?]  I'll be checking this address
periodically so anyone with stuff specifically for me use this one please.

The point of addressing Steve Collins directly is that my first stop is
visiting my number one daughter in Warner Robins, Georgia, and I was
wondering if he and his great band have anything going on locally between
the 13th and 21st of August.  I heard bits and pieces of the band playing
for a July 4th show a couple years back and as the saying goes, 'don't miss
them if you can.'

After Georgia, it's off to Europe and a whirlwind tour of Verdun, Belleau
Wood, Bordeaux, Prague, Berchtesgaden, Interlaken, and whatever else there's
time for.

To chill out after all that, a week with my dear ol' Auntie in Fort Wayne,
Indiana, and a side trip to the old home places in Michigan.

I'll be back here on the rock in mid-September.

Cheers from Wake Island
Ron Wheeler