[Dixielandjazz] Strange Net Events

dhs@ev1.net dhs@ev1.net
Tue, 6 Aug 2002 23:09:50 -0500

In response to the recent query, I have been having all sorts of new
Internet problems since I got on DJML in January, 2002.

1.  I have had messages returned to me that I did not send.
2.  I have been informed that I sent a virus-laden message to an addressee
in Georgia I never heard of.
3.  I have had numerous virus-laden messages, mostly from unknown senders,
intercepted by my ISP.

Much of this has happened since I upgraded my Norton Anti-Virus package.
Only the very first of the NAV file sweeps ever turned anything up, and that
was maybe one infected file.

Also, I don't always remember, but I try to change my DJML posts to Plain
Text.  Today, I got a digest with 48,000 lines in it, of which 47,000 lines
were useless code.  Please remember to change your settings when posting.

I am not enough of a computer expert to comment on the viruses which seem to
be swirling around DJML.  All I can say is that I didn't have any of these
problems before January.

Dave Stoddard
Round Rock, TX