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<< In the speculation method we assume unobserved things exist and then we go 
 about trying to prove their existence. That is just plan foolishness and is 
 completely unrelated to scientific methodology. >>

Hi Bill,
 Unless you are refering to `Angels on a pin` type speculation as assuming 
unobserved things exist then you are on dodgy ground. Most of the atomic 
particles have been `assumed` or `deduced` entirely on the basis of  other 
phenomena. Which is itself  probably based on similar assumptions.
Incidentally it seems to me that we are probably in the same position with 
atomics as the Ptolemaic   astromers were with explaining the movements the 
planets. Every time the theory did not fit the facts they changed the theory 
and finished up with planetary orbits running in little epicycles to make the 
observed motions match up.
Not until Kepler  said `Put the sun, not the Earth in the middle ` did 
everything simplify and fall in to place. I think something similar may be on 
the cards for atomic theory Suddenly there will be a basic shift and it will 
be found that all the odd particles, mesons ,quarks,.muons etc will be 

But what the hell do I know?. I`m a drummer.