[Dixielandjazz] Re: reality/truth cum genius/jazz

PLadd36932@aol.com PLadd36932@aol.com
Sun, 4 Aug 2002 04:58:38 EDT

I may be a little late getting in on this, what with holidays etc., but it 
seems to me the Charlie`s contention that `the idea of music is not physical` 
is a perfectly straightforward and sustainable proposition and that my friend 
Bill Gunter(sorry I didn`t make Edinburgh, Bill.) is wrong. Ideas of any sort 
are not physical.
I am not sure that the other comments that `the idea of a rainbow is not 
physical` follow.
The `idea` or the concept of music is abstract and exists by definition 
solely in the mind. I do not see how the `idea` of a rainbow can exist at all 
except, to stretch a point, as a concept in the mind of a blind person 
derived from a description of  of the phenomena, and I would plead that is a 
special case.
`Art` also I would suggest is merely a concept and cannot be physical.

The question of `genius`, born or acquired may soon become academic. I see 
that the latest research shows that persons with a certain pattern of DNA are 
more likely to show  criminal tendencies than those without.

Whatever you are it is down to your genes. Hows that for an argument for 
letting all criminals off. `They just couldn`t help it, Yr Honour, It was 
their genes`. 

Stop the world.I wanna get off!