[Dixielandjazz] Re: "When the rest of the band stops playing, you shouldstop too..."

David Richoux tubaman@wombat.net
Fri, 02 Aug 2002 13:01:50 -0700

Bill Gunter wrote:
> Yo!
> > > "When the rest of the band stops playing, you
> > >> should stop too, even if you have notes left to play."
> Sort of a nice definition of music:
> "Music is just one damn note after another!"

Song endings are always important. "And That's Jazz" uses a lot of different ways to
finish, from an abrupt cold button, 4 or 8 bar tags, even a few triple Charlestons
that have the dancers really paying attention ;-)

I think , every once in a while,  it is OK to have a goofy multiple trick ending or
breakdowns with some, or all of the instruments taking a quick break, leading to a
final "final" ending (I have many records of many bands doing such a thing )
especially if it was a fun song to begin with. Devil Mountain Jazz Band is famous
for doing fun endings.

Again, I am not saying tricks work on every song, or for every band - but they can
be a option...
and it usually is best if they are worked out ahead!

Dave Richoux