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Whoa, Charlie. Re-read my post. Nowhere did I say what you just quoted me as
saying. I would prefer to be hung for what I did -- not what someone else
Don Ingle
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> on 8/1/02 7:21 AM, Don Ingle at dingle@baldwin-net.com wrote:
> > The idea of music not being
> >> physical is like saying a beautiful rainbow and or sunset is not
>     No.  The "Idea" of music not being physical is like the "Idea" of
> connected with the sunset or with anything else.  You are not following me
> here, people!  Of course the physical material motions by which music is
> conveyed are all physical, like the vibrating waves of color in a sunset.
> That was not the question.
>     Notice this curiousity: we have so far abandoned the Universals that
> "Idea" of a thing is now confused with the nominal manifestation of the
> thing in physical terms.  In other words, use the term "Idea" in the sense
> I'm using it, and people don't know what the hell I'm talking about.  This
> has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with the last few
> hundred years of Nominalism.  Realism (in the mediaeval sense) has so far
> fallen from fashion as to be unintelligible.
>     Charlie (with all the good advice, which La Rouchefoucualt said was
> a man gives when he's too old to set a bad example) Hooks
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