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Energy is a relative thing. The energy test should be made with the eyes 
closed and the ears listening.

I remember Ray Bauduc with the Jack Teagarden sextet. He was chewing gum 
and looked lazily around at the audience in the small club while he 
hammered out a solo which lifted me 10 feet off the ground.

I remember watching and listening to the Duke Ellington orchestra. Johnny 
Hodges was seated and looked relaxed with his eyes closed as he played a 
dynamic solo.

Jazz and energy is defined by Duke's tune: "It Don't Mean A Thing If It 
Ain't Got That Swing".

'nuf said;

Stan Brager

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A year ago I saw a group at a small OKOM festival.  I had seen most of
those musicians playing in other bands and they were wonderful.  But not
this day.  I saw/listened to one tune and left.  They had no energy at
all.  The front line sat in chairs.  Even the front man when he was
talking to the audience just sat their, slouched in his chair.

I was apprehensive about them playing at our local jazz club's meeting
two weeks ago.  However, it was like a different band showed up.  The
front line stood on stage.  Their music had energy.  And the musicians
had energy.

The musicians were the same at both gigs.

Just sharing my observation.

(newly "elected") Music Director
Modesto Dixieland Jazz Society