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Tony Davis tony at tony-davis.co.uk
Sat Oct 20 07:29:26 EDT 2018

Thank you for sharing this, Charles.  Most of your haiku resonate with 
me as I enter my 82nd year; and I love the variety in tone - some funny, 
some wryly perceptive and some just beautiful.  I hope the book materialses.

Best wishes,


On 19/10/2018 20:36, Charles Suhor wrote:
> Agree, Phil, there are good effects of aging, as well as bad. I've tried to accept both, and the moods that go along with them. One project in my dubious future is a book of haiku on aging. Some samples below.—Charles
> Aging: When you gain
> some wisdom that you could have
> used when you were young.
> Slowly, if you are
> lucky, old age will show up.
> Then, meet its newness.
> The years will flash by.
> Take care that you grow, and not
> merely grow older.
> The perplexity
> of age: I’m convex where I
> used to be concave.
> Walk into a room.
> forget why. Wait... Just enjoy...
> Nothing to be sought.
> What’s here is due, friend.
> It took me years to merit
> these infirmities.
> Years of retirement
> have deconstructed the self
> I knew. Let it pass.
> One excuse that won’t
> cut the mustard anymore:
> Blame it on my youth.
> In between my ears
> I hear music of the spheres.
> No, it’s tinnitus.
> If you remember
> the first line of Stardust, you
> are part of the club.
> A perk of aging:
> I can say, Cut me some slack,
> Jack, I’m an old man.
> Must get in step with
> this aging thing before the
> stinger ends the march.
> Winter and death will
> come soon enough. Be grateful
> for this long autumn.
> Brother dies, grandchild
> born. Take joy where you find it.
> Don't hold on too tight.
> All life and death, held
> in this moment: an ache, a
> tree, a melody.
> Too few years, many
> projects. If they should outlive
> me, undone, so what?

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