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On 15/10/2018 3:53 PM, Bill Haesler wrote:
> "Steve's Voce is spot-on regarding cassette collections and discographies. Not many include them.
> Listmate Jack Mitchell (Australian Jazz On Record)  is one of the rare ones."
Cassettes are just as much sound recordings as cylinders, 78s, LPs and 
CDs. Of course I only include issued cassettes, not private compilations 
from LPs etc. Most of the cassettes I include are of Australian bands 
not found on other formats so they are a valuable record (in both 
meanings of the word) of otherwise undocumented jazz history.

My discography was published in three books covering the period 1925 to 
2002. Since then I have combined the books into one MS, with additions 
and corrections to that period and have continued the listing up to this 
year. Without indices it is now 1100 A4 pages, MS Word format. There is 
no possibility of that being anything but a considerable financial 
disaster if published as a book. It is available from me on CD (no jewel 
box) at 10 Carbine Street, Lithgow, NSW, 2790, Australia for $30.00 
including postage within Australia, $35,,00 including postage outside 
Australia. No credit card facility, Paypal acceptable, mark it "for a 

As well as Australian musicians at home and abroad it covers foreign 
musicians recording in Australia.
Best wishes
Jack Mitchell

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