[Dixielandjazz] Handy Sound Level Meter

Dave Stoddard safetydave1980 at att.net
Wed Oct 10 09:38:42 EDT 2018

If you are concerned about sound levels, the usual measuring instrument is a
sound level meter.  A common variety is the Type 2, accurate within one
decibel.  These are widely available on the Internet.  If you are serious
about sound levels, you should also get a calibrator, which may cost more
than the meter itself.  I recently saw a combination kit for sale at $350.


If you would like a good approximation of a sound level meter, try a sound
level meter app for your smartphone.  A wide variety of these is available
from your app store.  Some are free, and others range up to $20 US.  I once
used dB Sound Level Meter Pro 2.  It was easy to use, had good displays and
cost two dollars.


Dave Stoddard

Round Rock, TX

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