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Thanks for your suggestion about the NIOSH noise meter app.

I just downloaded it and it seems to work well.




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I am a workplace safety professional with over 30 years of experience.  At
present, I am a Workplace Safety Training Specialist with the Texas
Department of Insurance.  One of the areas I have dealt with over the years
has been hearing conservation.  My heart has been in this, inasmuch as I
have lost some hearing myself, and have had to take steps to conserve my
hearing in a variety of situations.  Several of my plants had hearing
conservation programs in response to high noise levels.


The musical world is no stranger to high decibel levels.  As a low brass
player, I have often found myself seated in back rows of large ensembles,
right in front of drums of various descriptions.  These days, my ears often
ring after a loud performance, and tinnitus is a frequent companion,
thankfully at low levels most of the time.


A California organization sent me a website you might like to explore.  The
hearing you save may be your own!


Sincerely yours,

Dave Stoddard


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