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Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 17:30:29 EDT 2018

About an hour ago I came back from another jazz show organized by the
indefatigable Eli (pronounced Ellie) Preminger, featuring the New York
pianist Jack Glottman, bassist Ram Erez and Doron Tirosh on drums, this
time at the "Hotam Ha'Kafe" (the seal of coffee) cafe  in Ramat Hasharon.
As the place is very small, reservations are practically necessary.   The
place was packed to capacity!  In addition to the tables inside there are
tables on the street, and  speakers enable those outside to hear the
music.  A large window allows them to see the performers as well.  I made
my reservation on Thursday, and had to be satisfied with sitting on the
street, which was OK except for passing vehicles and motorcycles.
The programme consisted mostly of standards, well played, but also included
such Ellington rarities as Pie Eye's Blues (and another one the title of
which I cannot recall).  And the Sidney Bechet classic Si Tu Vois Ma Mere -
just with a trumpet and the rhythm section (well, Rex Stewart did that with
Petit Fleur).
In all - a very enjoyable evening, despite the unswinging vehicles on the
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