[Dixielandjazz] Ken SIms RIP

tonypringle tonypringle at comcast.net
Thu Mar 30 12:38:08 EDT 2017

Hi Listmates,

I am so sad to hear that Ken has passed away. Ken came from my neck of 
the woods and was sort of responsible for me taking up cornet. Back in 
the day before he left Merseyside to go and join Cy Laurie in London he 
played with a band called the Muskrat Jazz band. They had a weekly gig 
at the Temple on Dale Street, Liverpool.

He first came to my notice when I was watching a local band with a 
pretty awful trumpet player. There was a bit of a stir and Ken was 
announced. He sat in and his playing to me sounded to me just a good as 
the stuff on my 78s. The next day I bought a copy of the Melody Maker 
from the new stand at Seacombe Ferry and sent away my £12 for a cornet 
and I was off to the races.

Ken gave me some help and my vibrato owes much to his input. When left 
the Muskrats I got his job, but was also forming my own band  - The 
Druids Jazz Band, we had a love affair with the George Lewis climax 

A few years ago I was staying with Malc Murphy and Ken called to have a 
chat with me. A lovely player and a good Scouser. He will be missed.

Tony Pringle

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