[Dixielandjazz] possible virus loaded email coming from "Dropbox"

Ron L'Herault lherault at verizon.net
Wed Mar 1 15:34:35 EST 2017

Thanks for the Heads Up, Jim.


Ron L


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I've just received a notice from my web master that says to be careful of
any email which might look like it comes from "Dropbox".  Dropbox is a site
where folks leave their photos, music, etc.  There are a lot of warnings
about this & that out there, but I rarely actually hear from my web people
about a virus (since they sell me a hefty software against those things!).
So, I gather this one is important.


The email will look like it comes from Dropbox, with the subject as "payment
details" or "info about your invoice", or similar.  There is a link.  Do not
click on the link.  Get rid of the email.  No harm in reading the text.  The
virus is in the link.


Just in case.....



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