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Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 18:04:11 EDT 2016

Just back from a concert of the Avram Felder Big Band at the Shablul
(snail) in Tel-Aviv..  Several members of the Isradixie participated: the
reed player Merton Cahm, the drummer David AVraham, the tuba player Shay
Buxbaum and the trombonist Yossi Regev), and the pianist Nahum Perefrikovich,
but the other musicians, mostly young, were new to me.  There were three
pretty good singers, too - Danny Sagi, Edna Tadmor and a guest singer Ilan
Weil (who improvised a Hebrew version of Making Whoopee).
The instrumental programme consisted mostly of Ellingtonia and  Basie
numbers.  The vocalists did standards, and did them well.  There were some
good solos.  Felder mostly conducted, but also played some outstanding
solos.  All said - a very good show!
As to "support" - since I was invited by Merton Cahm, perhaps the "support"
bit is an exaggeration.  Still, my friend and I had some refreshments,
which helps the club going, so perhaps the exaggeration is not too bad.
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