[Dixielandjazz] Trips & visiting members of djml

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Thu Jun 9 06:28:37 EDT 2016

I've just come back from a short visit to Boston & knowing the dates I was
going to be there, I contacted list member & fellow trombonist Ron L'Herault
before my visit.

We met up for breakfast at an old diner on Columbus Ave. called "Charlie's".
It's always a pleasure to put a face to a friend known on the list.  We had
a great chat, and Ron, being a collector of old recording items gave me a
round, cardboard container from 1908 that originally housed a wax recording
cylinder as a gift!  A very special item from a really nice guy!

The reason for meeting up at "Charlie's" was that it has a musical
connection.  It seems that the black musician's union used to be housed in
the same building, and the diner was where all the musicians would hang out.
It was within walking distance from our hotel near Boston Commons which was

In the past, my wife & I have had dinner with Bob & Molly Ringwald in
Holywood, and a nice lunch with Bill Haesler in Sydney, Australia.  I met
someone else from the list years ago in South Bend, Indiana, to give him
some information on jazz history which he then passed on to someone who was
writing a book.  Can't now remember the names, though, so if you're still on
the list...remind me, please.

I recommend that anyone travelling try to hook up with our list members.  We
know we will get along as we have the same interests in music.  I certainly
welcome anyone that is visiting Madrid to contact me before beginning your
trip so that we can choose someplace similar to "Charlie's" to meet up &
have a chat and hopefully I would have a gig that you could come along to.
Over the years I have met a number of members from the list here in Madrid.
Always a pleasure!

My next trip (at the end of June) is a visit once again to Armenia.  My wife
& I will be in the capital, Yerevan, then will be travelling to the East of
the country on this visit.  I don't believe we have anyone on the list from
Armenia, but you never know.

Here's to a great list, and a special salute to Ron!

Jim Kashishian

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