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Tue Dec 13 17:39:17 EST 2016

I put my money where my keyboard is and went to England to attend listmate
John Petters' Shakespeare Jazz'n'Swing Festival in Stratford upon Avon.
How does one sum up a wonderful festival in a few words?
John assembled an impressive roster of musicians: Chez Chesterman on cornet
(the closest there is to Red Allen?), Allen Beechy, Gary Wood, Andy Dickens
and Alan Bateman (trumpet), Mike Pointon and Dave Hewett (trombone), John
Wurr (ex-Colyer), Pete Allen, Duncan Batchelor, Richard Exall, Amy
Roberts.Karl Hird and David Horniblow (reeds), Tim Huskisson (new to me),
JJ Vinten, Dave Browning and Colin Bray on piano (the latter - also vibes),
some great banjo/guitar players: Tim Phillips, Jim Douglas (of Alex Welsh
fame) and Jonathan Graham, the wonderful 27 year old Ben Holder on violin,
the omnipresent bassist Keith Donald, and John and the youthful Jack Amblin
(probably under 30) and drums.  The programme was well variegated - New
Orleans (Kid Ory Salute, Tribute to Ken Colyer and a spirituals show,
Chicago Dixieland, Gypsy swing and tributes to Benny Goodman and to Johnny
Hodges - who could ask for anything more?
In addition, John gave a jazz lecture and conducted a jazz quiz, both very
entertaining with some great music.
The musicians ages ranged from the 20's to mid-70's, which was good.  The
age of the audience, however, emphasized what's wrong with such festivals -
I felt young there!  Not that there were no younger people, but most seemed
to be my age or older.  Of course, the venue - the Crowne Plaza - hardly
encouraged younger people.
And there was a CD stall - I bought eight CDs, and have not yet had the
time to hear them all!
Before going I phoned George Huxley to find out whether he was playing
around the time of the festival, and then went to Sollihull to hear George
and his band at the British Legion.  After the festival I went to hear the
excellent Gary Potter Hot Club Quartet at that Mecca of Gypsy swing, the
Last Friday I hear the revived Good Time Jazz Featuring the soprano sax of
Jacues Sany.
Tomorrow - the Isradixie at the Shablul in the Tel-Aviv Port.
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