[Dixielandjazz] JAZZ

Brian Gail briangail at kinect.co.nz
Tue Jun 30 20:29:00 PDT 2015

Not wishing to start a long debate on the merits of one type of jazz over another  but trying to explain  the 
       difficulties    communities away from the main cities have in musicians capable of playing the earlier types of jazz
       At a recent Jazz youth festival in my city  the bands had to each preform  4 numbers  one of which was a 
       Basie style chart and at the end of each performance the adjudicator's came on stage and spent 15 minutes with 
       each band . When asked who had listened to any Basie  no one put up their hand  and the guitarist were also asked
       to play a Basie style guitar.  I dont know if the band leaders told their students to listen to Basie or not but  when
       many of the teachers possibly have never listened to Basie ,   Goodman   , Desmond or Ellington  let alone Armstrong
      one has to hope that occasionally   just one student ,   just one   takes the time to go on line and  listen to some of these 
      great musicians  and incorporate some of the music and sounds they created
      Fortunately  we do, and I have seen the results of what some of these students have and can produce  I just hope we 
      get a few more   who don,t think this early music is old hat 

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