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Did'nt the MCCB make more than one of those shorts? Eddie Condon was on banjo/mandolin wasn't he? Those films and the Red Nichols ones became an important part of the history.
Because it had a certain texture,  Red used a certain newspaper for his blue blowing. His friends became anxious when the owner decided to disinvest himself of the newspaper to some other magnate.
'What will you do?' Red was asked.
'I'll go right over with it,' he said.

Steve Voce

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> On 15 Jun 2015, at 00:11, Bill Haesler <bhaesler at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> Steve Voce wrote:
>> Although it's renowned that Bob Wilber recorded with Sidney Bechet when he was a teenager, his recordings, when he was three, with the Mound City Blue Blowers, are less well known.
> in reply to my message to Mike Logsdon: "I can recall the MCBB, but not the Bob Wilber."
> Sorry Steve,
> Mike and I were talking about two unrelated subjects.
> A 1929 MCBB Vitaphone film and a Wilber 1970s TV video.
> Kind regards,
> Bill.

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