[Dixielandjazz] I seem to have accidentally bought a jazz club ...

Robert Ringwald rsr at ringwald.com
Wed Jun 3 08:25:23 PDT 2015

OMG. You do not know what you are getting into.

I have owned a restaurnnt with 18 employees - 17 of which didn't want to do 
their job. All they wanted to do was steal from the employer, show up late, 
but be there with hand out waiting for their check.

And I didn't even try to sell Jazz.

Employees have no business sense. They don't realize what it cost you to 
operate a business. They see the money come in but they don'tsee it go out.

Employees will kill the goose, that lays the golden egg. They will steal the 
employer blind  and then wonder what happened to their job.

When I worked in night clubs playing music, I always thought I could run a 
club better than what my boss was doing. It wasn't until I was writing the 
checks myself that I found out how much I didn't know.

Now I have a business with 50 vending machines and two part time employees. 
My 50 vending machines work 24 hours a day and seldom break down. They don't 
steal money and don't call in sick.

All I can say is good luck, guard your back and be careful.

BTW- before you plaster the walls with paper, find out what the building 
code is regarding fire proofing.

-Bob Ringwald

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Greetings gang,

well it is official, as if I didn't have already no free time, universal
forced beyond my control conspired to hurl me into the role of the owner of
a stage-equipped 80-seat restaurant in Owen Sound, Ontario of all places,
with another 80 seats in a rooftop patio under the stars, all of it right
in the very heart of the downtown, a stone's throw from the main banking

Long story short, last January this place defaulted on their lease-to-buy
and went up for sale way undervalue, I foolishly posted on facebook to say
"anyone want to start a jazz club" and received offers to help with the
business plan from as far afield as Kansas City and the UK, I found a
musician chef who can do New Orleans cooking, an amazing bartender and
expert servers who are in there right now painting the place in teals and
golds and there I was, standing in the doorway of my own club when a
drive-by photo shooting put me up on facebook!  Yikes.

facebook.com/avalonjazz for those of the mind to click through, and it is
already at 400+ Likes before the paint is dry!

and I have a favour to ask: the current washroom wallpaper is newspaper
funnies and I have two old beat up Downbeats that I thought I might
cannibalize to cut up and re-paper the walls, only two won't do it.  Would
anyone happen to have any old jazz magazines laying about that just never
made it to the recycle but should have?

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