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Thanks to Bob Byler,  veteran  jazz photographer  now living in Venice, FL,
for this information about death of jazz photographer GENE HYDEN.


This is a reprint from the April Issue of Tailgate Ramblings, publication of
Potomac River Jazz Club




Eugene Edward Hyden, 80, retired Airforce Intelligence and Veteran, passed
away Monday March 2, 2015.  He was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma to James
William Hyden and Margaret (Cronk) Hyden.  He is survived by daughters
Amianne Hyden Ryes (John Reyes) of Salina, KS  and Marianne Hyden
McGuiness(Rick Torrey) of Bloomfield, NM; numerous grandchildren and great
grandchildren.  Gene maintained a membership in the PRJC for years, even
after moving to New Orleans where he was active in their local Jazz Club.
He photographed musicians of many genres including Trad Jazz and submitted
some to the Tailgate Ramblings from time-to-time.  He was a character-and
your newsletter editor will miss him as will a number of you  Memorials to
Wounded Warrior Project, PO Box 758517, Topeka, KS 6675.  Condolences may be
left of the family at www.bakerfhvc.com.  Below is an article about his
birthday celebration in February of this year.  Enjoy.




The newspaper article in Tailgate Ramblings  was reprinted from Salina
Journal, February 19, 2015. ( I did not reprint here-it was long and had
several photos)


My own fond remembrances of Gene relate back to the 1980s when the American
Federation of Jazz Societies was active and vigorous.  Gene was active with
a group of jazz photographers and, along with Bob Byler, came to some  of
our meetings and concerts.  Gene was instrumental in starting a jazz
photographers group and there informally seemed to activist groups-one on
the East Coast and one in California.  But, it's Byler who has better grasp
of the details than I.    As I understand it, the jazz photographers group
gradually dwindled as did the AFJS.  Both met needs not otherwise covered
but unless there is continuing effort and enthusiasm, these groups will
expire-just like people expire.  Gene and I would cross paths in New Orleans
as well.  If there were jazz activity of any kind, likely he'd be there.
Gene's health gradually failed in New Orleans  so he moved to Salina where
his daughter, a nurse lived.  He was on dialysis for a time.   I agree with
the PRJC editor, Gene was a charming character.  He enriched many lives!


Addendum:  I'll post separately an update on Byler's photo and video online



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