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It sounds so plausable.  I'm not sure yet if Bob is pulling our collective leg.

Ron L

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Jim Kash wrote:

Bob wrote:
>A few pumps on the tire pump and I have a full 88 keyboard that plays 
sounds like a Bösendorfer.
What?  It's a blow-up keyboard?  We laughed at our guy when he came in with his new toy (which doesn't actually look all that profesional, although the sound is great).  But, if he were to show up with a tire pump & a balloon!!
I can't believe that is what you mean........

No Jim, no balloon. I attach the tire pump to the KB which is about the size of two packs of Cigarettes and in a couple minutes I have a full-size 88-key Keyboard. 

Actually I have a little electric pump which will blow up the KB in a few seconds. But if we are playing a gig where power is not available, it takes about two minutes with the hand bicycle pump. 

The only drawback is getting the air back out of the KB. I pull the plug and it takes maybe 5-minutes to empty most of the air out. Then I have to work with it, roll it up and then fold it to get the rest of the air out and get it back into the little case that is about the size of two packs of cigs. 

But this little inconvenience is nothing when you compare the hassle of hauling in a full size KB, or having to play on a bad acoustic piano that is not tuned and half the keys don’t work. 

-Bob Ringwald
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