[Dixielandjazz] Gary Lawrence Murphy looking for a "clean" jazz hero for young people's project

Norman Vickers NVickers1 at cox.net
Tue Dec 9 12:53:36 PST 2014

Gary--  Dave Brubeck and  George Shearing come to mind immediately.
Brubeck was also champion civil rights guy, too.  Had a black bassist and if
there were resistance, he said-take my group, as is-or no concert.  And they
took the group.  College of Pacific had an exhibit which was relatively
inexpensive to put up and ship.  We had it a few years ago, set it up for a
month and Jazz Society of Pensacola  did a program using local talent and
played Brubeck  stuff. Long career-raised kids who turned out OK. Wife was


George Shearing-blind Brit  pianist/bandleader who made good and stayed


Hoagy Carmichael-pianist/singer/composer/bit movie actor  with relatively
clean life.  Set up his law practice in Florida and when his first big hit
came, changed his career plan, saving the world from another damn lawyer!


Good wishes.  Keep me in the loop.  I admire your project.  Intriguing.


Norman Vickers

Jazz Society of Pensacola


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