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Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 10:46:42 PDT 2013

On Saturday night, three of my friends and I went to hear Eli and the
Chocolate Factory (trumpet/vcl with banjo, double bass and washboard) at
the vegetarian bar/restaurant Kaymak in Tel-Aviv.  Free entry + kitty.  At
the beginning there were very few people, but soon the dancers who follow
Eli and the group swarmed ouside (the place itself is very small), and of
course - danced.  I was glad the other people came - the four of us must
have doubled the average age, even though one was in her mid-fifties!
There must have been some 30to 40 kids.  The evening went quite well.
Among other things, the band played, and Eli sang, "Lena, the Queen of
Palesteena," and interpolated "Egyptian Ella" in "Bei Mier Bist Du
Schehn."  On the latter, a guy to young to know such songs (one of the
dancers) came up and sang with the band; towards the end, after the
instrumental part, a girl did the same.  Great fun!  No food (I don't eat
food's food), but good microbrewery beer (Shapira - a Jerusaelm brewery -
stout and pale ale).
However, not all is well with our public.  No matter how many times Donna
and I mention all the live gigs, most of our friends would much rather sit
in someone's flat and listen to canned musc than come out and support live
jazz.  Next Thursday our best band, the isradixie, is playing on the street
in a nearby town, but when I reminded my friends, I got several replies to
the effect that we would meet at someon'es flat for the weekly jazz evening.
Since that made me mad, I've sent them the following notice about another
forthcoming gig:
On the 10th, Eli Preminger with Jacques Sany, Amnon Ben Artzi and Nachum
Perefrikovitch are scheduled to play at the Zone (האזור) on Hrechev St. in
TEl-Aviv.  I am not yet sure what time.
So move your petrified asses and come to hear live jazz!  Good beer there,
but hardly any food (last time we had a pretzl)."

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