[Dixielandjazz] The E7 in Georgia (or not)

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I have the sheet music for this tune.

The chords for the chorus are:

F   A7   Dm   (Gm Bbm)
(F E7) (Gm / G9 C7) (F F#o) (Gm7 C7+)
F   A7   Dm   (Gm Bbm)
(F E7) (Gm / G9 C67) (F Eb9) (F  A7)

(Dm Gm6)  (Dm  Bb7)  (Dm  Gm6)  (Dm7  G7)
(Dm6  Gm6)  (Dm7  E7)  (Am / F#o Fm6) (Am C7)
F   A7   Dm   (Gm Bbm)
F  (Gm / G9 C67) (F / Bb69 C7+) F6



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Hi all,

I am a fan of the chord books put together by jazz pianist/historian
Philippe Baudoin. Of course, the best source for chords is the original
score, but as a reference, I find his chords very reliable and solid.

I even like his chords for Georgia on My Mind where he has an E7 in
measure 5 (13 &29).


Instead of a I-VI-ii-V turnaround, he notes a I-VII-ii-V which is,
admittedly, strange. Yet, I like how it sounds. In listening to
recordings of the tune, I hear both E7 and D7 in that measure depending
on the artist.

Does anyone have the original score for Georgia? If you are a musician
who plays this tune, do you play E7 or D7 in measure 5?

Thanks for your thoughts.

All the best, Gary

Gary Kiser

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