[Dixielandjazz] Fats Waller tribute reviewed - NY Times July 18, 2013

david richoux domitype at gmail.com
Sat Jul 20 00:42:51 PDT 2013

"Anyone saluting Waller has to find a balance between bawdy entertainment
and musical
exploration. Mr. Charlap, as was to be expected, chose a polite approach. "

Why? I do not know who Bill Charlap is, but everybody knows (or should know
by now) that Fats had been known to sell his songs for a bottle of booze,
wrote songs about the crazy folks of his era and barely kept within the
limits of "code" language. Why not celebrate who he was, in the times he
lived? He was NOT "polite" by any stretch of the imagination.

He WAS an amazing composer and musician, but I think a show like that
should have been more honest...

Dave Richoux

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