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Wed Jul 17 12:20:24 PDT 2013

 I'm really sort of surprised that no one on this list has mentioned the Mammoth Festival last weekend.  After all, it is one of the few large festivals that is still successful.  Like so many other festivals, it has gone to a wider breadth of music to stay alive, but there is still plenty of traditional jazz presented.  Didn't anyone from this list attend?
I played in a band called the "O.F. Band."  (You can make up your own mind as to what that stands for.  We had at least two dozen "creative" names suggested during the festival....)
This was the 25th anniversary of the festival - so they put this band together of leaders and musicians from bands who had been there over the years.  It was a rather interesting mix of people and styles, but it did work for sure.
Reeds - Bob Draga and Peter Meijers
Cornets - Chet Jaeger and Mike Vax
Trombone - Bob Williams
Piano - Bonnie Otto
Bass - Igor Glenn
Drums - John  Hall 
Vocals - Cami Thompson
Ken and Flossie are retiring this year as the festival directors, but it will still keep going into the future.


Mike Vax
Friends of Big Band Jazz, Prescott Jazz Summit, 
Stan Kenton Alumni Band

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