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Many on these lists know jazz guitarist  Marty Grosz.  In my mind, he's the
funniest jazz musician now performing.

A few of you know Marty's history.  His father, satirical artist Georg Grosz
had to leave Germany in the 1930s because Hitler didn't like the elder
Grosz's art work and point of view.  Hence, Marty grew up in Brooklyn before
WWII.  Says he was taken with American songs.  Hence, his chosen profession
as guitarist/ singer.


Here's a 3+ minute video by NEW York Times showing Marty at home in
Philadelphia briefly explaining the art controversy.  It shows him, of
course, with guitar and singing a ditty.


Pensacola connection: He performed with his group for Pensacola Jazz Parties
89-91.  Is a  chronic bow-tie wearer.

We met at Atlanta Jazz Party once wearing bow ties from the same
manufacturer ( Beau Ties of Vermont), had our picture taken and sent to
company which used the photo in their sales brochure.


GNFIt-Fg3_-jNIkgQ> Heirs Fight Museums to Reclaim Art - Video - The New York
Marty Grosz, son of the German artist George Grosz, seeks the return of some
of his father's works that were acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in New















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