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Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 14:58:01 PST 2013

Just back from the Piano Bar in Tel-Aviv.  Eli Preminger (trumpet),
Nachum Perefrikovich (piano) and Yair Zaltzman (drums) provided the
Whenever I go there, I feel like in an old film - a small and darkish
bar, wit ha piano and a few cgairs for the musicians stuck in a
corner.  Although a few chairs were vacant, the place was packed
almost to (its small) capacity.   Unusually, I was not the oldest
there - that honour went to my friend Frank, one who, unlike most of
my jazz freinds, actually goes to listen to live jazz!  My email to
the effect that "if we don't support live jazz, there won't be any"
did not create a stir.  Only one person who doeas not come regularly
came.  But we were outnumberd by young people - those who looked forty
looked old and out of place with all those kids!  Which is a good
thing - Eli has a young following.  This time less turned out that on
Elis' previous gig, probably because of the rainy weather, and nobody
danced, but it was real fun.  And how often does one hear non'vocal
"Egyptian Ella?"
I like the drummer's minimalistc set: one bass drum, eqipped wit ha
cowbell and a wood block,one snare, one cymbal.  He does his job
properly, and, although he looks as if hae played in his sleep, never
misses a beat!  VEry young, too!
It was lovely!

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