[Dixielandjazz] Riverwalk double stream at Stanford

Donald Mopsick dmopsick at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 20:17:02 PST 2013


I hope you all are taking advantage of the new continuous double
stream of ALL the Riverwalk shows on the new Stanford RWJ streaming


It's a continuous loop that cycles every 18 days or so. Channel 2
starts in the middle, so if there are about 400 shows total Channel 2
starts at around 200 and cycles from that point. Stanford Archive of
Recorded Sound, part of the Stanford U. Libraries, has committed to 25
years of continuous streaming, that is if global warming by then
allows civilization to continue. If I make it that far I'll be 87.

Many of the older shows haven't been heard in over a decade. It's a
"warts and all" approach. Some of the shows are just OK, others are OK
with good moments in them, others are pretty darn good overall. Unlike
other radio shows, we didn't do a lot of post-production so what you
hear is pretty much what went down in the live show. Contrast this
with Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland, which I did with Jim Cullum
and Ed Torres: the producer told me that they use on the air about one
third of the footage they capture. I know this to be true because you
should have heard how Marian mangled my name on the live show, but
they fixed it in post.

So give it a whirl and let me know what you think. To me it seems like
it would be more like Pandora or XM but with one show all the time,
like a 24/7 "all-Elvis all the time" AM radio station. We managed to
capture a lot of the greats who have gone on to the great beyond, like
Benny Carter, Sweets Edison, Jay McShann, Kenny Davern, Bob Haggart,
Doc Cheatham, Yank Lawson, Milt Hinton, Joe Williams, Lionel Hampton,
Ralph Sutton, Johnny Frigo, Henry Cuesta, etc. You get to hear band
members from the past like Brian Ogilvie, Evan Christopher, Ed Torres,
Norma Teagarden, Speigle Willcox, etc.



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