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I, for one, agree.  I play in a couple of groups in which the guys show up
in jeans and tee shirts.   When I front the group, however, I always ask my
client what will be the appropriate attire. And even if it is casual, I
like the band to look sharp.
 Just my opinion,
Dave in Dallas
On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 4:56 PM, <vaxtrpts at aol.com> wrote:

>  I enjoyed LISTENING to the videos of Clint's band.  But it would be
> interesting to see want others of you think about the LOOK of the video.
> I come from 50 years in the music business and truly lament the fact that
> musicians these days, come to the gig looking like they are sitting at home
> watching TV or sometimes worse, like they should be working in the garden.
> (Not so much the later in these videos.)
> I have a theory that to be a musician on stage or in another realm, a
> teacher infront of a class, you should look like you mean business and
> respect yourself, the music (or subject) and the audience (or students).  I
> think that a big part of the problem with deportment and lack of respect in
> our schools today is that the teachers look exactly like the students.
>  Other then on the "special Friday's" at Peggy's school - where the
> teachers wore Levi's and the school golf type shirt with the logo on it -
> Peggy always looked very nice when she went to school for those 32 years
> before she retired.  Her students treated her with more respect than other
> classes I saw where the teachers were wearing t-shirts and Levi's all the
> time.
> I truly believe the same goes for music.  When my band plays, the least we
> wear are sport coats, nice shirts and slacks.  Sometimes we wear suits and
> ties.  I even like the look of many of the bands that used to be on the
> trad jazz circuit who work nice slacks and golf-type shirts with the band
> name on them.
>  I remember a review by the wonderful Jon Hendricks in the San Francisco
> Examiner of my big band when we first started, back in 1973.  (I'm sure you
> all know Jon as a very influential jazz vocalist, but he also did many
> reviews for the Examiner many years ago.)  He loved the band and the music,
> but he put us down for not "looking" the part of an important (or striving
> to be important) big band, and talked about how great the bands looked
> during the big band era.  HE WAS RIGHT.  And I never forgot that.  Since
> that time, I have never walked on stage, not looking like I "meant
> business."  Is it just me, or do others feel the same way?
> Mike Vax
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