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Keith Garner CKG at TALKTALK.NET
Wed Jan 23 10:54:30 PST 2013

Hi All

I thought Ken Mathieson's contribution on this very interesting - and 
particularly agree with the idea that local initiatives probably offer 
the best chance to make progress within a limited time (One of our local 
bands is called "The Coffin Dodgers").

Eight or nine years ago in Stoke on Trent UK a couple of reunion 
concerts were arranged. These featured former members of The Ceramic 
City Stompers who were the main local band in the 1950s. Survivors 
showed up in some number and they were joined by others who'd been part 
of the local scene over the years. One local musician took the trouble 
to turn what would otherwise have been two enjoyable but transitory 
events into something more permanent. People had been asked to provide 
photos and other material for exhibiton at the concerts. Eric took the 
trouble to collate, edit and label them to go on a photo CD which he 
distributed to those interested at cost price. He also gave a copy to 
the local radio station and, more importantly to the local library who 
now have some 250 labelled pictures for the use of any future 
researchers.  Not the whole story by any means, but a very good jumping 
off point.

Keith Garner
The Five Towns Footwarmers
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