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Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 07:26:32 PST 2013

On the 9th I reported attending an Even Christopher gig in Herzliah.
I have since attended two more. both at the Tel-Aviv Museum.  Evan
Christopher came as part of the Hot Jazz series at the museum.
Unfortunately, his seems to be the only "hot jazz" show in the series.
Anyway, even though there were very few changes in the repertoire, the
shows were different!  The last one, on the 11th, was probably the
best of the three I heard.  The accompanying group is a wonderful
Gypsy swing band, and fit Evan Christopher like a glove!  Yaakov
Hoter, the leader and the solo guitar player, swings hard and
improvises well; despite all the jokes, nobody talks when Oren Sagi
takes a bass solo!  Alon Sagi, the rhythm guitarist, is very good, and
very likely to become a good solo guitarist as well (he is in the
other group with which he plays - La Moustache; not yet the same
standard as SdG, but getting there).  Shai Selman on drums is a
swinger!  Usually a bot noisy, this time he was more subdued, keeping
the pulse going all the time.  And had some good drum solos, if those
are your cup of tea.  His playing was a bit noisy on The Mooch, but
that was the arrangement.
The programme was mostly less well known Bechet songs (mostly -
because they played Petit Fleur as well), plus some from the WWII
repertoire of Django Reihardt, when he had the clarinet player Hubert
Rostaing with him in the Quintette de Hot Club de France (a very good
swing clarinetist, worth seeking).  Of course, they also played Nuage.
The one snag was that some people in the audience could not understand
Evan Christopher's talk; the lady next to me seemed to be
simultaneously translating it to her husband, but, judging by their
reaction (and that of other members of the audience)  when the band
played a better know song (Petit Fleur, Nuage or - at the last concert
- China Boy) seemed to indicate that people did not quite get the tune
titles, and apparently did not understand the rest of his stories

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