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Gary Kiser gary at kiser.org
Wed Aug 28 05:32:53 PDT 2013

Not a good year for jazz players. We've lost too many good folk.

Jack was the do-it-all guy. Great player and great guy. He was always 
there; to play and to help out. He helped me arrange a tuba to play when 
Sac à Pulses played the SacFest in 2005. Unforeseen travel problems made 
his help (with his schedule) much more complicated than was originally 
planned, but he delivered with a smile.

Loved his playing, loved what he did for the music, loved the man. 
Jack, may you rest in Peace.

Humbly, Gary

On 2013-08-28 05:53, Larry Garrett wrote:
> Jack Maheu, one of the great NOLA clarinetists, passed away today.
> This from Tim Laughlin...
> Jack passed away around 3:30 EST. He went peacefully. In fact, the 
> nurses
> said it was one of the most peaceful passing they have witnessed. I 
> told his
> son, Mike that we all would keep Jack and his family in our prayers.
> A celebration of his life is being planned in upstate NY. NOLA will 
> do the
> same.
> Jack played with Wild Bill, Bud Freeman, the Duke's and so any more
> through the years.
> I am most grateful to him because he started a tradition in New
> Orleans of welcoming players    to the stage at Fritzel's, on Bourbon
> Street, which remains today as one of the last trad jazz        clubs
> in the Quarter and which still welcomes sit-ins, including me.  Thank
> you Jack!
> Larry Garrett
> KC Clarinet

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