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Larry Garrett lrg4003 at aol.com
Tue Aug 27 20:53:55 PDT 2013

Jack Maheu, one of the great NOLA clarinetists, passed away today.  This from Tim Laughlin...
Jack passed away around 3:30 EST. He went peacefully. In fact, the nurses 
said it was one of the most peaceful passing they have witnessed. I told his 
son, Mike that we all would keep Jack and his family in our prayers.
A celebration of his life is being planned in upstate NY. NOLA will do the 
Jack played with Wild Bill, Bud Freeman, the Duke's and so any more through the years.
I am most grateful to him because he started a tradition in New Orleans of welcoming players    to the stage at Fritzel's, on Bourbon Street, which remains today as one of the last trad jazz        clubs in the Quarter and which still welcomes sit-ins, including me.  Thank you Jack!

Larry Garrett
KC Clarinet

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