[Dixielandjazz] Fresno Mardi Gras 2014? - site there but broken

Dick Baker djml at dickbaker.org
Sun Aug 18 16:17:33 PDT 2013

Mike Logsdon wrote:
>Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Fresno Mardi Gras 2014?
>I can't find a website for it.  Is it happening?
>Sent from my cOmputer

Bit of a mess, this.  I too failed to find it via Google, but I 
remembered seeing an ad for it in latest issue of "American Rag," 
which says the URL is


But it's badly deformed.  Took an extremely long time to load, and 
seemed to freeze my browser.  But it finally popped up playing very 
loud music (WHY must people designed web sites that way?), but none 
of the links works.  I presume they'll get it fixed, and will send a 
note reporting the problem to the contact address Bob Ringwald gave.

      Dick Baker
  djml at dickbaker.org

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