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Good points from all. 

I saw the Firehouse band in live performances at least twenty times here in Southern California. Maybe three of the times they were not a lot of fun. Ward Kimbell (a multi-talented genius) was a colorful individual. The few times Ward was not having fun, the band and the audience did not have much fun either.

Great as they were, once I saw that band suffer throuigh a gig from hell.  They were booked for several nights around 1960 in the Catalina Island Casino Ballroom (a big mistake). A large dance hall with around one thousand ballroom dancers, that night the players gave it their noble best to play standard dance tunes. It sounded tired and out of character. I left after experiencing one set; so did a lot of other people. I try to remember that gig if my own band doesn't have a great gig.

Tom Loeb

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Fun Band. Fun Musicians.
If some curmudgeons don't like them don't listen. Duh!!! But please,  
pare the rest of us your negativity. Or, failing that learn about the  
ery first Dixieland Bands who performed the genre. They were all full  
f showmanship, funny costumes and zany antics. Plenty of audience  
hen. Not so much now that the music has degenerated into "art".
teve Barbone

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