[Dixielandjazz] St. Louis Blues

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Thanks, Steve. I've always thought that the minor section rhythm was a tango
based upon the recording by Handy's Memphis Blues Band in 1921. However,
many jazz recordings have reduced that section to the drummer making a
reference to a Latin rhythm while rest of the band continues in straight
4/4. Bessie Smith does away with any pretense of anything but a blues.

Stan Brager

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> Being FROM St. Louis and having played this for YEARS - (and learned it
> directly from the music!) there are three distinct parts to the song...
> the first two are as you write.  Section No. 3 starts:
> Got the St. Louis Blues just as blue as I can be...
> the difference between the 1st and 3rd strains is small, that's why
> most people either confuse them or play them exactly the same
> The 3rd section changes between the chords of G and C quickly, as in
> Got the (G) St. [C] Louis [G] Blues [C] just as [G] blue, etc. etc.
> and PLEASE stop playing the minor section as a rhumba!  It is a
> habanero beat (almost like a very slow charleston!)  LOL, I've heard
> this played SO many ways I stopped counting!  You'd be surprised what
> some drummers come up with!
> ALL the VERY Best,
> Steve "Stubby" Heist
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> > I need help with W.C. Handy's "St. Louis Blues".

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