[Dixielandjazz] Free Gigs here , , don't Fight over them they will take everybody

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Wed May 16 18:02:04 PDT 2012

I don't suppose they  have a Musicians Charity,  hummm    Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society  might qualify for a few bucks if they all donated their music.  

This is why Dixieland bands have a hard time finding work.  The very folks who should be paying them and using them to enhance their events consider them worthless and only want free music.   When does Elk Season open anyway? :))

OPEN MIKE DIXIE LAND JAZZ 4th of July (Carmichael Elks)

Date: 2012-05-14, 12:39PM PDT
Reply to: rv6fc-3015191763 at comm.craigslist.org 

Carmichael Elks Open House 4th of July.  We are recruiting individuals and jazz groups to participate in our Jazzy Fourth of July open house beginning at 11:00 thru 5:00 on Wednesday, July 4, 2012. Depending on the number of groups performing, each group will be allocated 45 minutes of performance time (including selling tapes and CD's!) Sorry, No compensation, just fun and promotion for your band and the Carmichael Elks charities.

If you are a banjo player, horn player, or members of a barber shop quartet and would like to join in the celebration, let us know you want to participate!

If you are members of a high school, church or college pep band and want some playing time, let us know you want to participate!

Carmichael Elks has been sponsoring the annual Carmichael Fourth of July parade for over 53 years.  We welcome marching bands who want to participate in the parade along with other groups who would like to construct a float to be featured during our parade.  If your musical group would rather play on a moving platform in the parade, let us know!  

Parade information:  Jim Warick
Lodge Music and Activities: Diane Bristow, Peggy Ledbetter, Tom Ingle    

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