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Steve, if you do torrents the link below may be of some help. Unfortunately, the mp3 quality is only 128 kbps.


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  I am brand new (as of today) to the "mailing list."

  I would really like to find where I can purchase CDs or mp3s of the Complete
  Keystone Collection of recordings. I've been listening to the old "Jazz
  Revisited" programs on


  Schumacher plays and discusses many of the recordings from this collection
  (that is now out of print). From the examples I have heard so far, they are
  fantastic small group jazz recordings of the 1940s.

  By the way, I'm the "Jazz for Cows" guy (5.6 million views on YouTube!)


  I hope to hear from someone about the "Complete Keystone Collection."

  Steve Call

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