[Dixielandjazz] Kid Ory and Jimmie Noone

Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Thu May 10 09:54:19 PDT 2012

I have an LP titled "Kid Ory and Jimmie Noone" (Avenue International
1015).  The tunes are:
Side 1:
High Society
Sugarfoot Stomp
Muskrat Ramble
That's a Plenty
Panama Rag
Side 2:
Jimmie's Blues
Savoy Blues
Wiery Blues (sic; I know it's Weary Blues)
Creole Song
High Society

The information I have (I do not remember the source) is: High Society
(which one?) - 14 March 1944; Muskrat Ramble - 29 March 1944, Plenty -
5 April and Panama  - 12 April.  These are by Mutt Carey, Noone, Ory,
Buster Wilson, Bud Scott, Ed Garland and Zutty Singleton.   Jepsen, by
the way, gives sessions from 15 March-29 April by that personel
(Panama Rag, Weary Blues), That's a Plenty, Muskrat Ramble, High
Society and Mutt's Blues).
Accordong to the information I have, Jimmie's Blues and Sugarfoot have
Wade Whaley on clarinet in place of Noone (26 April), and Barney
Bigard is the clarinet player on Savoy Blues and Weary Blues (17 May).
 On the assumption that Blues is Mutt's Blues, that leaves at least
two numbers unaccounted for (one High Sociey and Creole Song).  Aural
identification is impractical, because the sound is extremely bad.

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