[Dixielandjazz] Donna Lee and ultra fast tempo

Robert Ringwald rsr at ringwald.com
Wed May 9 23:28:20 PDT 2012

Ken Gates wrote:
My efforts to hear the chord progression or melody fragments of
several performances of "Donna Lee" as to "Back Home in Indiana"
brings to mind this question-----

Is there a limit (different for each individual) of the tempo where
the jazz syncopation is no longer felt?  I sure do believe it is
true for my ears. An extremely fast tempo doesn't swing well
for me, but rather tends me to notice that the musician is
highly skilled to be able to play at that speed.

Ken, yes, the examples given to you do swing, especially that very fast one. It really swings. 
However, everyone hears music differently. Thus, it may not swing for you. 
--Bob Ringwald

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