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 Jack they didn't like Negroes in Mississippi then and they still don't like them there today, but they do like Red Neck Country boy singers like Johnny Russel and laud him bigger than the current Mayor !! Or Governor.  And they are really in a twit because we have a Black President.   They would still not like him if he played a Banjo and came from Alabama....





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>> Thus, when was Yellow Dog Blues written, by whom and first recorded?

In his book, Handy says that it was in a railroad station at Tutwiler that 
he heard a "lean loose-jointed Negro" play on a guitar and sing the words 
"Goin' where the Southern cross the Dog". The Southern crossed the Dog in 
Moorehead, Mississippi, but the town today couldn't care less about that 
part of its history. The large sign on the city limits today read "Welcome 
to MOORHEAD - home of grand ole opry star JOHNNY RUSSELL".

Whoever that is.

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