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 Bob:  none of the powers that be were more than likely even  born before 1950  and therefore never heard of JAZZ before 1950.   Not to mention that many who were actually born in the 40's  and after did not get exposure to Jazz in any form until the 60's or 70's or even 80's    this fine list only represents about 600 in the know people of how many Millions out there ???     OKOM and Jazz had hid it's little Light under a for far far too many years.




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I have not seen the complete line up for the United Nations so-called Jazz Day. 

Am I missing something or has Jazz Before 1950, the roots, being completely 

And, it is too bad that some people, who obviously have their heads up YKW (You 
Know Where), did not choose August 4 as International Jazz Day, for obvious 

--Bob Ringwald  (shaking his head)
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