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Robert Ringwald rsr at ringwald.com
Sun May 6 10:19:33 PDT 2012

Bill Haesler wrote:
Jack Mitchell wrote:
> The earliest version of St. Louis Blues that I have is by Ciro's Club Coon Orchestra on Columbia 699, recorded in London in 1919. Although not listed in LORD I'm pretty sure it came out on a CD many years ago.

Bill Haesler replied:

Dear Jack (and Stan),
Almost spot on.
It is in Lord.
Recorded in London in September 1917.
However, Lord does not include any reissues.
It is on Document DOCD-5623 'The Earliest Black String Bands'. 
I have it on a French Jazz Time ODJB CD.
It can also be heard here:

Dear Bill,

Thank you for that link. Very interesting, especially to hear the second or B strain of Yellow Dog Blues in the middle of St Louis Blues in 1917.  

Thus, when was Yellow Dog Blues written, by whom and first recorded?  

--Bob Ringwald
Inquiring minds want to know...  


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