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Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 14:50:19 PST 2012

Less than an hour ago I returned from another casual jazz show at a
TEl-Aviv cafe.  eli Preminger appeared in a cafe that looked like a
converted shop, with Itamat Shatz (tenor sax), Ilan Smillan (bjo), Tal
Cohn (sbs) and Yael Rassulli (vocals).
Eli is young, but his chorts looked much younger (that would have made
Ginny happy - a banjo player in his twenties).
Since the place was small, there weren't many people inside - but
there was a sizable (at least fivetimes as many) crowd ouside, mostly
VERY young.  The kids were dancing in the street, sometimes blocking
the road (but not really endangering traffic - they moved when there
were cars).  As I have already menioned on previous occasions, Eli has
quite a large swing dancer following, and those kids came to listen
(mostly) and dance.  I was the oldest person there (I know - Eli's
parents are younger, and they and their friends were the only other
people that looked over 40).
It was fun!  Eli must have learnt to sing on many numbers,
unamplified, upon his visits to the Big EAsy.  His playing is
constanty improving; it seems listening to various New Orleans
musicians and playing therewith has done him good, as has
participating in the Inner Ear jam sessions.

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